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Driving Climate change

Electric or Fossil fuel vehicle? If you value restoring a right relationship with the rest of creation then environmental impact is a big concern. How can you make the best choice?

Everything has an impact, but the impact of oil use, and fossil fuels in general, has been off the scale. This is a global issue though, and it can be difficult to even know where to begin.

The Round View is a science based framework to aid decision making. It can help people and groups work through the heated agruments, opinionated claims, and real difficulties of making the best decision.

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Look at the graphics and click the link to explore the framework. The round view approach is a whole discussion in itself! If you’d like an example to work through now though here are some articles discussing the lifetime impact of electric vehicles compared with ones running directly on fossil fuels.

Intro to an 1875 Family Bible

The impact of building and running a particular vehicle will vary but this info will hopefully help you make informed contributions to discussions. Churches backed the ideal of progress which shaped the world we have inherited – can we lead the restoration?

Autotrader advice from 2022

High impact in production, but less overall impact than fossil cars?

Can electric vehicles help combat climate change?

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