#SensingMeaningfulness Easter2024 Forest Church

Easter Sunday 2024

Fish on coals by the water

Inspired by the story of Jesus meeting his disciples on the beach we meet up by the river and eat together on Easter Sunday. We practice #SensingMeaningfulness and reflect on the experiences of Lent leading to Easter Sunday.

We started by simply walking out along the river bank after the 11am service. As more people who less able to walk have joined in we adapted to accommodate both those who walk and those who park close by and take a wee stroll down to the river.

We have been blessed by excellent weather and this year was no different. The addition of a basket of food blessed at the Ukrainian service was new though!

We tell stories, share food, and sit on the stones while we watch the fire, the water, and feel the wind in our hair. It is a very relaxed affair – perhaps too relaxed for some – but for others it is a way of making connections between the life of Jesus we can read about and an experience of the presence of Jesus among us when we meet friends and strangers to eat and drink together.

Here is a gallery for those who were not able to join us, and those who might be inspired to do something similar.

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