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Forest Church May 2024

Summertime …

We will meet, as is our custom, at 2pm outside the Crichton chapel. Dress for the weather, and bring what you need to be comfortable walking around the grounds.

We will meet in the peace of Jesus, read from the Bible and read from the environment. Many of us will have had a busy day on Saturday the 18th so this gathering will be the opportunity to get back to basics.

Gathering in the grass, not documenting the experience, feeling the green grow under our toes and catching the raindrops on our faces.

We will then move to a comfortable place (probably the Central ) to share refreshments, stories, hopes, and dream dreams while we are awake.

And a wee reminder of this very helpful book if you are led to grow some Forest Church in your life and community.

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For me Forest Church is the most uncluttered and direct way of sensing the presence of God through the beauty of creation which talks without words. We know who made creation by the joy of feeling it. Some call this worship.

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