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Dust to Dust or Light to Light?

What is your relationship with your environment? Or perhaps a better place to start is to reflect on how you perceive your relationship with all that is around and within you.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the absence of the things we hope for. It can seem like a struggle to animate lifeless dust, and hold everything together. Perhaps there is a fear that if we stop, then everything will just crumble and fall apart.

There is good news. While all these feelings are real, and deserve acknowledging, we are also children of light. God the creator creates and sustains all things in being. We are children of light, and the way has been opened so we can become the fulfillment of the potential that is in the fabric of the cosmos.

If you are stressed, let the knowledge of the love of God (for you) fill your heart and mind. Breathe. Let it be the light in which you see your self, reflected in your relationships, and with which you illuminate the room.

See more of the installation by Rob Mulholland here…

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