The Holy Spirit is described as a comforter. This is a short video with a collection of images to remind us of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. These pictures are particularly effective when they pop up on Facebook and other feeds like “The Unvirtuous Abbey” which peppers digital diet with […]

#SensingSpirituality Creative Worship


Creative Church Building Our gathering on Saturday the 18th was uplifting. Members of St Johns were joined by people from around Dumfries and Galloway. Participants described it as “encouraging”, “insightful”, and are planning events to build up the Body of Christ as we move onwards after Pentecost. This post will have a few images from […]

Community Mission Thought of the Day


Would it upset you to know that there are people living peacefully in Dumfries, having come here to find sanctuary, who are in fear of being detained by representitives of the UK government and deported to Africa? Does this sound like the sort of country you want to live in, or a good way to […]

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This was sent in on our glimmers group. There have been a few posts recently of people simply enjoying their gardens, listening to the birds. This simplicity of living, enjoying the moment, is a gift the worth of which does not depend on words. However, as we have words here are some that are helpful […]

Forest Church

Quartz Forest Church

21/4/24 Online and in person We will gather 2pm this Sundayoutside the Crichton Chapel in Dumfries And share his peace. All are invited Whether you consider yourself a close friend or are just curious. There is a danger that this can be come a vague habit but we do it because it is important to […]

#SensingSpirituality Easter2024 Forest Church pilgrimage

Easter 2024 Mini-pilgrimage

This Easter Quartz explored the spiritual landscape near St Johns. Seven of us, and a dog, from within St Johns and the wider community visited Lincluden Abbey, and the 12 Apostles stone circle. The day was set up to allow people to drop in for activities and to travel by car, or on foot. Some […]

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Where do you find value and joy in life? Christians sometimes talk of being “born again” or “Metanoia” moments. The examples used of this are often ones where a persons life is caught up in extreme behaviour. It was, however, when someone so concerned about preserving his good reputation that he chose to visit Jesus […]

#SensingSpirituality Creative Worship Easter2024 Forest Church

Easter 2024

Quartz Holy Saturday Pilgrimage and Easter Sunday Forest Church BBQ (30th and 31st of March) Holy Saturday On Saturday the 30th we are planning a pilgrimage. We will gather outside St Johns building and then travel to Lincluden Abbey. After a pause for reflection there we will continue on, and thousands of years back in […]

Forest Church Thought of the Day

Iron Galls

Ink is kinda magical. “It’s a bridge between the world of flesh and blood and the world of thoughts and dreams”. Can you imagine how the first people to see books and realise how they work felt? Have you ever wondered about the social and spiritual effects of introducing the technology of the printing press? […]

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At the CLC meeting last night we watched “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” as a group. We had a short chat about the experience afterwards, but there was a lot to take in. Themes of #SensingChallenge and wealth vs poverty were particularly relevant to the season of Lent we are in. The emphasis on meeting God […]