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Micro Management

Do you make God in your image, or allow yourself to be made in the image of God?

Mowing lawns may seem far off from the worship of idols. However, people put a lot of effort into maintaining standards. Even now many seek the return to normality and call the privileged consumption culture we live in freedom and their right.

The new normal will not be as well tended and tidy as 2019. Perhaps we can reflect on the cracks 2020 revealed. This is an opportunity to make structural changes, give up the appearances we were enslaved by, and nurture the growth of good things we have found.

The seeds of flowers lie in the meadows. They are placed their as potential waiting to be revealed. Don’t mow them before they have time to bloom. Remember how Jesus was gentle enough to let weeds grow alongside wheat and leave the sorting until another time. Be encouraged, have confidence, to live in faith and wait for the good things waiting to be revealed.

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Perhaps the new normal is that there is no longer a set normal – we can respond and adapt to life as it happens, and be more aware of the needs of the world and others…
I hope so!

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