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Faith and Art

It takes a lot of faith to be an artist. Politicians will tell you that you are unnecessary whilst relying on the creative industries to get their message accross. People will ask you what your proper job is, while you fight the preasure to place profit and exploitative working practices above integrity and your vocation. If you succeed, this is likely to be followed by a backlash where you question the quality of your work and if in doing something that is recognisable you have compromised the vision you know but can only just glimpse.

This should, and at times has, led to great shared experiences between artists and the Church. In some places, perhaps, even as the doctrine fades all that is left of the connection with God is the music, the truth of a right angle and a building which doesn’t fall down, or the painted ceiling which inspires people to look beyond their boundaries and encounter a change of heart and mind.

If any of this resonates with you, you may be interested in the work of this organisation.

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