2nd Sunday in Lent

And this is the link for the second Quartz Lent group meeting! We are international this year, with not only people from different towns in Scotland joining together – but from the different continents on this wonderful planet we share too.

The Quartz Lent 2021 Sunday discussion group can be joined here:

(from 2.50pm on Sunday afternoon)

The daily “Knowing Jesus” material and readings have started by exploring the start of the ministry of Jesus.

2020 and 2021 have been very strange, tricky to safely keep in touch with your friends int he same town – but it’s possible to contact people who have the data available worldwide. This week has been filled with stories about the people Jesus connected with – his supporters, but also on occasion, critics.

Jesus family and friends: ParentsWomen Disciples, Men Disciples, Close Friends, The FamilyMartha & Mary

We quite rightly tend to focus on Jesus, but what do we discover about Jesus through exploring the context he lives in?

(Both on earth and on a cosmic scale as referred to by the verse and the picture).

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