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Creative Placemaking

Those interested in pioneer ministry will hopefully be recognise many common ways of working in this article (and perhaps even identify glimmers of micro-gospels). The article is about creative placemaking, and a phrase which stood out to me is:

“The common thread amongst various definitions, however, is that it is a process that helps to generate places where people want to be.”

You can read the article here:

Exploring the Boundary…

And it is generously seasoned with links to more examples.

For the established Church in particular, some questions to reflect on could include…

Can we transform the spaces we have into places where people want to be?

If we go out, is it to discover God “in face of friend and stranger” or to convert?

What echoes of the creative placemaking carried out by saints like Ninian, Columba, Adomnan can still be felt in Scotland?

Are some called to gather people round God’s table, and others to feast on hillsides and drink unexpected wine at weddings?

Suggestions in the comments please!

Explore the context this article comes from more fully

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Lots of good food for thought here. I think the two key concepts for the church are the idea of co-creation and the importance of crossing boundaries. Creativity is always necessary for innovation and needs to be nurtured and encouraged in the community of God, where cultural relevance is always a crucial issue. The catalyst of creativity is needed to help cross the boundaries between belief and relevance – which are dynamically changing all the time. We don’t need to be followers of cultural trends – much better to show innovative ways of re-encountering ancient truths in exciting and inclusive works of community art made by people who don’t see themselves as artists!

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