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Forest Lanterns

On Sunday the 30th of October 2022 at 6pm we will be gathering in St John’s church building.

The clocks will be changing to mark the end of British Summer time. The Nights are getting longer and darker, and the trees are drawing into themselves, letting go of their fruit and leaves. Seeds are buried and the end becomes the beginning of something new.

We have prepared a large lantern with light shining through fallen leaves and symbols of harvest. This reminds us that the cosmos declares the glory of God. On the evening participants will be invited to take a word or phrase and ‘plant’ it in their own wee lantern as a prayer.

While making these lanterns we will discuss our memories of #SensingSpirituality over the last year. Especially moments experienced during Quartz Forest Church activities. There will be some projected images as reminders!

While the lanterns are drying, ready to take away, we will rake these thoughts and chats together.

To finish, a wee word of warning, this is not an event to wear your Sunday best to. It will involve leaves, glue, and pens.

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