Forest Church Fresh Expressions

Forest Church Planting

Sunday the 26th of September, 4 to 5pm (Forest Church No. 1)

Well, it isn’t the season for planting really, but we are finally getting round to testing out some Forest Church ideas.

Meet at the Crichton church, (The Crichton, Dumfries DG1 4ZZ) Find it on google maps

Please dress for the weather, and don’t rely on there being any indoor (or any other) facilities available.

We are going to meet up and test out some ideas to explore what a “Forest Church” might look like.

A rough order of service will probably include:

Meeting in Christ’s name and sharing the peace(Everyone who is willing to explore what this means is welcome, of course)
Some Taize chanting
Ubi Caritas
Bless the Lord my soul
Ubi Caritas on YouTube
Reading the GospelMark 9:38 – 50
Reading CreationAutumn is here, the season is one of change and letting the old rest gracefully to allow room for new growth. We will take some time to look for signs of change in ourselves and our environment.

What can we sense physically and spiritually?
ResponseSpace for people to contribute their own prayers, songs, reflections and stories.
Closing PrayersAs Jesus taught us … (in the version you find familiar)
A wee song,
Go in Peace
Go In Peace – Sam Baker
Go in peace, Go in kindness.
Go in love, Go in faith.
Leave the day, The day behind us.
Day is done
Go in grace
Let us go, Into the dark
Not afraid, Not alone.
Let us hope, By some good pleasure.
Safely to Arrive at home.
Let us hope, By some good pleasure.
Safely to Arrive at home

Learn it here
SnackAs there is still a plague in Dumfries. Please bring your own food and drink, and we can share the time together.

There is no need to book, but if you’d like to let us know that you are coming we can keep an eye out for you. If you sign up for the mailing list you’ll find out when the nest one is happening. You can also subscribe to the Quartz weekly newsletter/e-mail.

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We were enveloped in the green mantle of nature, letting our gaze range from the well kept green grass under our feet to the uneven hills in the distance…words and thoughts were shared plus some singing and we had time to gather some colours of Autumn in the form of moss, feathers, bark and leaves. These were offered as an expression of our different responses to God and his world… everyone had a unique way of being alive to the moment. Then we said the grace with open eyes and went our separate ways, with the memory of the sounds of constantly rustling leaves and the amazing range of greens that exist in this small part of the world.

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