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Lyubotin is a town about thirty minutes drive from the centre of Kharkiv. There are plenty of travel guides and it looks like a wonderful place to visit when it is not being bombed.

If you want an idea of what life is like there at the moment, here is a video from the art director of the Kharkiv Music Festival. Perhaps it will provide some insight into living in a warzone.

What would it like to be an artist playing a cello to people who have been living underground for months?

These children and young people are all cared for by people involved in the “Help Lyubokin” Voluntary organisation, and those serving in the military.

More about the music festival

More about how close Lyubotin and Kharkiv are to the front line Interactive Map

A refugee doctor, a Ukrainian school teacher, and a Scottish artist are working together to give a group of two teachers and seventeen children and young people a break from the war in the East of the Ukraine.

This will build on links that already exist between “help Lyubotin” and D&G organisations such as , MOOLThe Ukrainian POW Chapel, as well as local Ukraninan refugees.

(Individuals and organisations are each supporting subject to their ability in whatever ways are appropriate, none are liable for the whole project)

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We have raised the basic costs for accommodation, this means we can apply for visas. We need to raise money for the cost of this – and travel costs to get here!

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