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When you donate, who are you helping?

A refugee doctor, a Ukrainian school teacher, and a Scottish artist are working together to give a group of two teachers and seventeen children and young people a break from the war in the East of the Ukraine.

One lass is 16 a year old artist, when she started volunteering she was the youngest volunteer in the country, her dad is at the front, and her mother is the founder of a volunteer foundation, her brother is a volunteer helping handle the consequences of the invasion.

Can you give her a break?

They are being helped in various ways by individuals and organisations such as Abernethy Barcaple, MOOL, The Ukrainian POW Chapel, The Mothers Union

(Individuals and organisations are each supporting subject to their ability in whatever ways are appropriate, none are liable for the whole project)

Find out more and how to help here

Getting Here Fundraising (Lockerbie Friends of Ukraine)


Accommodation and activities fundraising (Barcaple)


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