5th Sunday in Lent

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Jesus, holding heaven and earth together in his being.
“Rotas” by Simon Lidwell 2013

This week has been emotional … or at least about knowing a Jesus who experiences emotions!

Without emotional, passionate, experiences life can seem to drift by us. Other times can be turbulent and troubled and our emotions overwhelm us.

Some people are anchors in our life. Some are friends. Others are acquaintances, who we might spend a lot of time with, but with whom the same mutual reciprocal relationship of friendship doesn’t exist. Relationships are rarely static either – so perhaps it is good to take some time out to reflect about who your “anchor people” are.

Who would you share your troubles with? Are there people you shoudl check in on?

The 4rd Quartz Lent 2021 Sunday discussion group can be joined here:

(From about 2.50pm on Sunday afternoon)

The daily readings can be found by following this link. Here are the footprints from Monday till today though!

Jesus reaches out to those in need: The Foreigner – Even dogs get scraps

Jesus reaches out to those in need: The Chronic Sick – Faith heals

The Emotional Jesus: Joy – Celebration, Joy, St Patrick

The Emotional Jesus: Love – Rich young master

The Emotional Jesus: Troubled – Friends and betrayal

The Emotional Jesus: Anger – Is it lawful to heal or harm?

The Emotional Jesus: Compassion – Restoring a widows son

And a quick reminder that the materials Quartz is using this Lent have been produced in Scotland by the Society of Jesus – Jesuits – a Catholic religious order. So many thanks to them for making it possible for us to walk with them, and all the others, throughout the world.

For more info, guides to ways of praying and links with BBC Radio 4 services CLICK HERE

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