Easter Sunday!

Hope, a sunrise in the forest
Hope ! Hope as the sunrise dawning in the green of a forest of new hopes.

Christ is Risen!

Bleary eyed with our eyes full of sleep, we greet the dawn and a light which doesn’t blind us to what is happening – but which helps us see.

If we choose, this day can be the centre of time. Every Sunday an echo of creation being fulfilled, and every day a working out and releasing the potential laid within time from before time. The discovery of that which is truest to yourself and your environment.

Never laid upon us by an alien supreme entity but instead calling to us, through the example of Jesus descending to the lowest depths and returning with released captives.

Todays daily prayer material can be found here . If you’d simply like to join in the story of the Marys discovering the empty tomb this will take you to a song to sing and dance along to.

And a couple more …

We will have one more meeting after this. Next Sunday!

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