Level up?

“Levelling up” is something which happens when all the experience gained in a game is used by the player to improve their characters skills.

Some games make this a very detailed process, and some players spend a lot of time working out the best way to spend their experience points so that they can complete the game on its most difficult setting.

You may not be familiar with this process. However in my lifetime gaming like this has moved on from being a niche interest. Every high street has a gaming shop, and gamers recently made headlines by taking on, and beating a hedge fund that treated a gamer business like monopoly money. It is global growth industry, and one in which Scottish companies and universities lead the way.

As a character levels up, the challenges they face also become more difficult. The rewards increase too! It is very different from just rolling dice and pushing an old boot round a board.

This is the end of the Quartz Lent retreat. We will meet for the last time this afternoon – but perhaps you will spend some time in the coming week “leveling up”

What have you experienced? What new adventures await? If you feel like you are just trudging round the board avoiding bankruptcy – perhaps it is time to seek out a new game?

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