Quartz Lent 2022

Tried in the wilderness

This year we are starting with the spiritual nourishment we have found. Perhaps this is in our church activities, perhaps it is in our everyday lives. Wilderness experiences may draw our attention to them, or it might be that we have taken something from our abundance and have “tried it out” to see if it is of benefit to others.

We will have a pattern of thinking about things one week, and then contemplating them in a more Ignation style the next week. Throughout the season we can think about what “fresh expressions” of Church we would like to cultivate, both personally and as a community.

All our meetings will be on Monday evening at 7pm. Please join the mailing list to keep in touch with the details of where we are meeting. You will also be able to contribute your thoughts throughout the week by commenting on posts like this. Even if we are geographically separated we can still be a community.

128th FebAre you spirituality hungry – where do you find food?
Sharing Pancakes and stories of the good food we have experienced – both Spiritual and Physical !
27th MarchReflection (like the CLC evenings)
314th MarchWhat do you dare to dream, but doubt the wisdom of trying?
421st MarchReflection (like the CLC evenings)
526th MarchWhat necessary compromises have you made, do they bind you?
64th AprilReflection (like the CLC evenings)
7As a community how can we help each other ‘sparkle’, and be the invisible agents active in the wider community making life easier to live.
Easter Sunday17th of AprilWeather Permitting – a BBQ afternoon by the river

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