Forest Church

20th Feb Forest Church

I bind unto myself today the hardy resilience of Scots in storm swept straths.

We started by sharing the peace of Christ outside the Crichton chapel as usual. Then, as the flooding river was topmost in our minds we followed it down to watch the tide.

A sculpture returned to the earth
Foliage sculpted in stone
The Nith at the Shoogly Bridge
Watching the wind

We also read two sections from St Patricks breastplate, but in a new arrangement which brought new insights.

I bind unto myself today

I bind unto myself today

The virtues of the starlit heaven

The power of God to hold and lead

The glorious suns life giving ray

His eye to watch his might to stay

The whiteness of the moon at even

His ear to hearken to my need

The flashing of the lightning free

The wisdom of my God to teach

The whirling tempestuous shocks

His hand to guide his shield to ward

The stable solid earth, the deep salt sea

The word of God to give me speech

Around the old eternal rocks.

His heavenly host to be my guard

And by then the flooding had gone down and there was blue sky. We said the Grace together and went on, having harvested the raw material of reality to smith new spiritual mantles.

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