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When the Israelites decide that they want a king, like other nations, they are told by their prophet that the king will take their children, their wealth, and the best of their produce. They go ahead with it anyway and choose Saul.

The idea that the rich get rich from the work of the poor is not new. Some justify it by saying that it is right to reward those who excel, and that this encourages progress which benefits everyone. Others argue that (rare) examples of those who have worked their way to the top from the bottom up are used by the rich to blame the less privileged for their own lack of success.

Why in the 21st century UK does our economy leave some people starving themselves so their kids can eat, while those they elect to represent them eat in fine restaurants?

Perhaps part of it is that when we invented robot slaves to do our clothes washing, instead of gaining more leasure time, people washed their clothes more often. Perhaps it is because once consumers are alienated from manufacturers the worth of what has been produced can become lost in politics.

These questions may be of interest. However the crucial question is “what can you do about it?” In what ways can our actions help progress work for the common weal? Can we build a global community where technology meets humanities basic needs, and allows art, philosophy and spiritual fulfillment to flourish?

Everyone will have their own response, perhaps some will post suggestions in the comments.

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