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CLC Monday the 10th

The vestry at St John’s in Dumfries have decided to pause meeting in the building as a precaution to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. This means that our CLC group won’t be meeting as planned on the 10th. However, activity has not stopped! This is a meditation prepared by Alison that can be used online by anyone with access to the internet.


Have a Bible to hand, and select a piece of art to pray with or a place to pray in (if outside have appropriate clothing available!)

Become still in whatever way suits you. Maybe review the last few weeks since we last met and see what comes to mind.


Then Listen to Bifrost Art singing Psalm 46.

Psalm 46 Bifrost Arts

Slowly read Psalm 46 two or three times.

Is there a verse or phrase which leaps out to you?

Remain in the place of your choice or with the object you have chosen and pray or repeat your chosen verse or phrase for as long as you like—maybe 20 minutes.


You might like to respond to your meditation in some way, perhaps with words or a drawing.

You may or may not wish to share your response with the rest of us in the CLC group. If you like you can leave a comment on this page or e-mail a photo to Quartz

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