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Land Art

ANDY GOLDSWORTHY is one of the pioneers of land art. Galloway was his playground for a while, but you will have to search out the tracks of his influence.

The story is told that when he first explored making art in this way he was told to take photos of it, otherwise how could he be assessed. Are the photos the art, or is it the sculptural transformations of landscape he creates? or is it the act of transforming and interacting creatively with his environment that is the art?

Here is another artist exploring in a similar way. Thank you Gloria for sending in the link.

Although we meet as Forest Church, and part of this is leaving the controlled comfort of the buildings we have inherited as Church, the landscape in the UK is very rarely wild.

Imagine the landscapes you walk through as a work of art, sculpted over thousands of years of human influence.

What “strokes of the brush” become visible?

What does the way landscape has been shaped reveal about the values of the shapers?

I wonder what influences you would choose to make.

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During the last week in Devon I was reminded of another land artist, Richard Long, whose work I find powerful with rock, mud and simply (!) walking

I found the 12 Apostles to have the atmosphere of land art. The spaces between the rocks seemed to breathe a bit in a holy way…
The gaps were different to each other but didn’t feel random. There was a purpose to the arrangement which was peaceful.

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