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August Quartz FC

Our reading through words for this week was psalm 19 We also read about Jesus healing a woman on the Sabbath.

This led us on a wandering afternoon.

We were looking for signs of abundance and harvest. We were also trying to be aware of factors which could prevent us from seeing abundance and harvest, similar to the way in which those in the story in Luke were unable to receive the experience of healing with the joy you’d expect.

It takes time for a plant to seal off the connection it has with the fruit it bears, when it does though the fruit is loose to fall to the ground without leaving an open wound. Religion can hold people and groups together when they have a tendency to fly apart, but without a mechanism for growth it can bind us and leave withered fruit left on the tree.

We saw sunflowers, bright red berries on the yew trees, unintended flowers growing from the use of natural fertilisers, conkers! and the signs of leaves beginning to turn.

We have been visiting the Crichton every month for almost a year now. We reflected on how busy the estate is, people running, playing sports, bands rehearsing and more. We wondered how much this is a change of use in the area and how much it is a change in us, allowing us to recognise what is going on.

Here is a short video of our walk – music by Kate

(The sunflower head was already on the ground, detached, in case anyone is wondering).

As usual we were also joined by those who couldn’t physically be there. Here are a couple of photos sent in, taken on the afternoon.

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