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Do you remember the canopy of Angels from Christmas last year?

That was an example of a type of art known as an “Installation”. As a community art project it drew together ideas from a wide range of people, and worked in a relationship with the building it was hung in. The architecture and lighting of the place influences the shape and design as it unfolded, and currents of air made the angels dance in moments which can never be repeated.

If we were to try the same thing this year we would achieve a different effect, if we were to take the materials and install them somewhere else (as we did with the Angel Cloud) then whilst there would be some continuity of identity, it would still be a new work of art. The activity and process of developing the art with people is an important component of the whole “installation”. This is different from a painting or sculpture which can be moved from gallery to gallery, or placed in your home.

This Advent we are trying something very different to the Angel canopy. For a few months now people involved with Quartz have been thinking about light. Previously we have explored Forest Lanterns and the theme of Light in Darkness. Building on this experience, the installation is an opportunity to contemplate the story of the light of Jesus entering the world. This can be approached both as an exploration of Christian belief, and more generally as something which has contributed to the formation of Scottish society, and global culture.

Called “Christmas Light” we are using mirrors and drawings made by the congregation and wider community. We will assemble these to make one focal chandelier, which will then flow into mobiles hanging in the arches. The mirrors will catch the light inside the building and reflect it in ways that are shaped by the contributions of those who participate.

The full description and a printable activity sheet are found here. Please spread the word! Everyone is invited to participate, and to experience the installation over Christmas. We will start to install it on the 18th of December and will keep the webpage updated so all who contribute can see what is happening even if they are unable to visit the building. This is a work of art hosted in the St Johns building, but all are invited to participate. Simply think about ways in which you shimmer and shape light coming into the world and your relationships this Christmastime.

Christmas-Light-Activity-2022 Download a PDF with the guide to contributing

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