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Stories of Angels

The canopy has been a collaborative effort from the start, and the project was been designed in such a way as to invite involvement by as many people as possible and in a diversity of ways.

It has marked many moments, and for some people they will be very personal and private. The anonymity of the installation intentionally facilitates this, whilst still providing people with a way to see their contribution as part of a whole. There are many stories of making angels, discussing those moments, viewing the canopy, #SensingSpirituality and being inspired through contact with the project that are unknown to individual participants and the St John’s community who have participated in,  hosted, and supported this project that could be made known though. These stories are part of what makes than canopy special, and more than just a beautiful collection of colour.

So, if you have time, please will you write down your recollections of the experience before they fade? If you have a memory which identifies someone else, please check with them before you send it to me. If you would like a story to be recorded, but not published outside the Quartz or St John’s community please let me know too. Don’t worry about making it into a fancy story, I can wordsmith the fragments of thought into an article and a record of the process. Pictures are also welcome!

Finally, I know there are people who have stories of their encounters with the canopy who this will not reach. I need your help in this too! Please invite the people you know to send in their thoughts too.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please get in touch!

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