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CLC Monday the 7th of Feb

Yesterday evening the Quartz Christian Life Community met up. We discussed what was going on in our lives, and spent time listening to God.

To us do this Andy had chosen a reading, prepared some prayers, and provided a reflection/response activity.

The passage chosen was Isaiah ch.6 vs 1-8 . The prayers were inspired by the legacy of Celtic spirituality and our response was to freehand doodle a continuous line whilst reading the prayers and see what happened. This was done on acetate, so Andy could then attach them as panels onto the backlit cupboard door we had used as a visual focus. This meant that we could view what we had drawn as a collaborative ‘stained glass window’.

Kate was inspired to send a link to this Ian White song

We closed with a time for open prayer, and left refreshed and with confidence to face the days ahead.

What other responses were there? We will wait and see.

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