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Would it upset you to know that there are people living peacefully in Dumfries, having come here to find sanctuary, who are in fear of being detained by representitives of the UK government and deported to Africa? Does this sound like the sort of country you want to live in, or a good way to exhibit Christian values?

Nicholas Hughes, a solicitor at law firm Duncan Lewis, represents dozens of people who were affected when the flights were first planned in 2022, and said they are likely to represent clients selected for potential future flights to Rwanda.

He said his clients would be given seven days’ notice if they are chosen to be removed to Rwanda, giving him a “very brief window” to explain to the Home Office why they would be unsafe there.

A person’s removal to Rwanda would be rendered unsafe, he said, if they had mental or physical health issues, or were a victim of trafficking or torture, but added that given the time frame, getting that medical evidence could be challenging.

Asked how certain he was that he would be able to prevent clients being sent to Rwanda, he said: “We’ll do everything we can.”

BBC news 23/4/2024

Who are our neighbours? This was the story which Jesus told to answer that question?

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